Please check your order immediately upon receipt. All claims must be reported within sixty (60) calendar days upon receive of goods. Should you file a claim within sixty (60) calendar days of your receipt of your ordered goods, we will process that claim and send you a resolution. Resolutions will be sent via e-mail. You will then have ten (10) business days upon the delivery of that resolution to confirm the resolution or take any additional prescribed action. If we do not hear from you within that period of ten (10) business days, your claim will become invalid.

Due to the customized characteristics of the products, we cannot restock customized products. Therefore, we do not allow cancellations, exchanges, or refunds. If upon delivery of the product you feel that your order was incorrect due to error on our part, such as a misspelling, the wrong color, item size, or design, please email us within sixty (60) days of your delivery. Claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You acknowledge and agree that goods produced by us for you are bespoke, custom-made goods. Other than where goods are faulty, you have no right to cancel any order or return any goods and all orders are final.

By making the purchase you acknowledge and agree that the goods are bespoke, and made specifically for you, they are custom-made goods, and are produced only after your purchase has been made and confirmed. Oftentimes, prior to your purchase, no stock of the purchased goods exist. Furthermore, based on the information written above—and unless otherwise indicated—you acknowledge and agree that your rights to make changes or cancellations are within 24 hours from your purchase confirmation. Once the 24 hours has elapsed and your purchase goes into production, your rights to make changes or cancellations are forfeit. Other than where goods are faulty, you have no rights to cancel any order or return any goods purchased and all orders are final.

Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you receive merchandise that you believe is defective or of unacceptable print quality, you can use our online ticketing system to send us three or more pictures of the product within sixty (60) days of delivery. For claims regarding issues with colors, we will require a sample to be mailed to us. Please provide pictures from different angles for clear verification. We will have a Claims Representative review the reported issue, and, upon verification of an error, we will make every attempt to promptly re-do the order exactly as you had originally requested and in accordance with standard production and shipping timelines. We will not change the product, the logo/artwork, or the imprint color when processing the re-do. Note that you may request expedited shipping of a re-produced order for an additional charge. Any request for a re-do or refund beyond sixty (60) days after delivery will be denied.

When a re-do is no longer practical or even feasible (either due to event date timelines, stocking or quantity issues), 24HourWistbands.Com will issue a store credit for up to the same value as the original order, minus any shipping fees. Shipping charges will not be credited back, as those charges are made on behalf of the shipping company. The store credit may be treated as cash, and it may be used at any time and on any product we stock.

We only provide refunds for custom products if a Claims Representative determines that we made a mistake on the order that cannot be remedied by a re-make. In some instances where we do not determine that we are at fault, we may, within our discretion, grant a courtesy refund, not to exceed the shipping cost you paid for your order. This also applies to discretionary cancellations that we grant after an order is already in production. If a cancellation is requested after an order is already in production and in the process of being customized, we may grant a courtesy refund of the shipping cost.

Blank products can be returned to us for a full refund minus the shipping cost. You will also be responsible for the shipping costs of returning the order to us.

Any order with used or distributed products is not eligible for refunds or a money-back guarantee.

Qualified Claims and Requests will be refunded back via the original payment method. No credit card or check refund will be available for transactions that are more than 90 days’ old. Only store credit can be offered at that point. Each check refund will incur a $25 processing fee, which will be deducted from the qualified refund amount. If your order is originally paid with a combination of payment methods, such as Store Credit, Reward Credits, Credit Card, and/or Check, you will receive a refund or credit back to the original payment method(s), for transactions within 90 days’ old. If the order originally paid with a combination of payment methods and qualifies only for a partial refund or discount, we will issue a refund in the following priority: Store Credit, Reward Credits, Credit Card, and Check.

If your order is being returned due to any reason, the package(s) will be kept in the facility for 20 days and will then be recycled or donated. Any reshipping request when the order is still in facility will require a re-shipping fee. Any re-shipping request after the order has been recycled or donated will require a new order to be placed and paid for.

We will re-produce an order upon receipt/confirmation that a shipment was lost by the carrier. The order will be re-done in the same manner the order was originally placed.

Return of your purchase is permitted ONLY when the goods delivered fall under the following criteria:

  1. The message/artwork does not match the order;
  2. The item is the wrong size from the one ordered;
  3. The item is the wrong color from the one ordered;
  4. The item is the wrong design from the one ordered; and
  5. The item is the wrong style (e.g., long sleeve shirt instead of tee shirt) from the ordered.

If the goods delivered to you fall under one of the criteria noted above, please follow below steps to request return:

  1. You must submit a request for a return within sixty (60) days after you receive your product(s);
  2. After the sixty (60) days have elapsed, you acknowledge that your rights to return are considered forfeit; If product(s) are returned prior to submitting your request, those product(s) are considered forfeit;
  3. The request can be made through our ticketing system, found here: Contact us.
  4. The package should be returned to our processing warehouse at: 86-05 60th Rd, Apt 1G, Elmhurst, NY 11373.

Pursuant to industry standard, if the quantity to be replaced is LESS than 10% of the entire order, volume-wise, we reserve the right to process a credit for that amount, rather than undertaking a re-do for that portion. That is, no re-dos will be permitted for missing or defective products, if the amount in question is less than 10% of the order’s total volume.

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